MiniDrops® Lubricant Eye Drops
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MiniDrops® safe for sensitive eyes?

Yes. MiniDrops® is 100% preservative-free and is safe for even the most sensitive eyes.
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What exactly is MiniDrops® used for (indicated use)?

You can safely use MiniDrops® any time your eyes are dry or you feel discomfort due to minor irritation. It is formulated for frequent use throughout the day.  Use it as needed. MiniDrops® is preservative-free.  It gently lubricates by supplementing your natural tear production
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How often can I use MiniDrops® for dry eye care?

You can use MiniDrops® as often as needed. It is preservative-free and is formulated to temporarily relieve minor dry eye irritation. Use it to prevent dry eyes or whenever your eyes are mildly irritated (e.g., exposure to wind or sun). 
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Is it okay to use if the solution is cloudy or discolored?

NO!  Do not use MiniDrops® if the solution looks cloudy or is discolored or if the vial leaks!  Please contact us, provide the lot number and where you purchased it, and we will provide a full refund or replacement.
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How is MiniDrops® packaged?

Biodegradable, single-use vials of MiniDrops® are available in a 30-dropper pack. 
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Why don't you offer MiniDrops® in a larger bottle?

We believe our biodegradable, single-use vials are the only hygienic way to package eye drops for several reasons:

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