MiniDrops® Lubricant Eye Drops
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Benefits of MiniDrops® Lubricant Eye Drops

Banish Dry Eyes with Minidrops® Lubricant Eye Drops. See and feel better immediatly!

Relief for Dry Eyes

Are dry, irritated eyes stopping you from seeing the world at its best? Do you need temporary relief for dry eyes?

Temporary relief for mildly irritated eyes is just a safe drop or two away. Lubricate and protect your eyes from further irritation. MiniDrops® quickly and safely provides temporary relief for dry eyes and eyes with minor irritation. Most users will get relief without stinging or burning.

MiniDrops® is a lubricant eye drop (demulcent).  It can be used as often as needed to provide moisture for symptoms of dry eyes.

You're one drop away from soothing temporary relief

MiniDrops® provides excellent temporary relief for dry eyes. When dry eyes go unattended they can become irritated due to lack of moisture or irritated from external factors (e.g., wind, sun).

With MiniDrops® medicated formula, dry eyes become refreshed. They receive much-needed moisture. Your eyes are not only relieved, but they are protected from further irritation. MiniDrops® is preservative-free unlike most other dry eye drops. Preservatives are known to cause irritation and damage healthy tear production in some people.

Gentle and Hygienic for the Whole Family

MiniDrops® comes in hygienic and biodegradable single-use vials. They prevent bacterial growth and cross-contamination. Research has shown that bacteria accumulating on the tips of conventionally-bottled drops can actually cause new irritation and spread germs.

MiniDrops® is the smart choice for anyone seeking fast, gentle, temporary relief for minor irritated eyes. MiniDrops® is safe for all ages It is easy to use and easy to carry around with you.

WARNING: To avoid contamination, do not touch tip of container to any surface. Do not reuse. Once opened, discard.